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Stainless steel welding services need to be many things, but high quality is certainly the most important. Whether we are talking about bespoke items, such as boat canopy frames, sculptures to decorate the garden of a commercial or domestic property, or equipment to be used in a laboratory, the project needs to be of the highest quality. When working in industries such as catering or the medical field, the need for quality is even more pronounced, as items need to be heavy duty and serve their purpose.

Here at Diverse Welding Services, every project we complete is custom-made and unique, and done to any specification you require. You won’t find standards such as ours anywhere else on the market. We are also able to modify existing items and change them to meet your growing needs as we are aware that businesses do not stay static for long, and because of that, requirements change over time. In order to do the best that you can do, we need to do the best we can do first.

Put simply, no project is too big, small, or too diverse for us to handle, and we use the most revolutionary technology available on the market today.

Let’s sum it up, what do we do exactly?

  • We modify existing items to make them function in the way YOU need
  • We create bespoke, unique items, to your exact specifications
  • We carry out complicated and diverse stainless steel fabrication tasks for a competitive price and to a high standard
  • We work hand in hand with you, to ensure your needs are met

What is Stainless Steel Fabrication?

Stainless steel fabrication and welding is a highly specified method, used to create a huge variety of different products. We know that stainless steel is very strong, as well as being a cheaper alternative to some other metals which don’t have the same strength element. Because of this, stainless steel is used in a huge variety of different ways.

The major benefits of using this metal include:

  • Stainless steel is heat resistant to a very high degree
  • It is very amenable to fabrication methods
  • It has a very high resistance to corrosion It is extremely strong and hard, without the risk of damage on impact. This is due to its mixture of iron and chromium

The process of fabricating stainless steel begins with the specific speed required. When creating high quality products, this speed needs to be slow, in order to develop the best strength for the product being created. Next, the item is cut, and this can be done either by laser, water jet, or by plasma cutting, which is one of the most modern methods available currently. The final step is to polish the item, which has been produced, to give it a high shine, and to protect the metal itself.

This entire process needs to be done slowly and carefully, and by very knowledgeable engineers and welders, using the best equipment around.

The most common uses for stainless steel welding and fabrication are within commercial industries, such as the food industry. This is because stainless steel is sterile, and is therefore super easy to keep clean. On top of this, the medical industry is also a big user of stainless steel, for the exact same reason, as well as its strength and durability too.


The Advantages of Stainless Steel Fabrication

Creating bespoke items, which fit in with your particular requirements as several benefits and advantages, but the mains ones are:

  • The lifespan of your product will be longer
  • The compatibility of your product with other items will be much improved
  • You can be sure of a hygiene, sterile, and strong product after fabrication and welding

Because we work to your particular specifications, this means that you get a product that is designed with your needs in mind. Your product is therefore going to stand up to the stresses you place upon it, and it won’t bend or buckle under unnecessary pressure. The fact that your product has been designed effectively by you, means that you know what you need, and we simply put together the end product, to the best of our ability.

Secondly, the compatibility level of your product with the other parts of your manufacturing process is going to be much improved. Again, you know what you need; you don’t need something generic, not if you want to carry our your own business effectively. Understanding this fact is what helps us stand out from all the other manufacturers on the market. We want to help you do the best in whatever industry you are in, and that comes down to the equipment you use. That is where we come in.

What Do We Offer That Is Different?

We are known for our quality, but we also offer a more bespoke service:

  • All of our processes meet industry standards, e.g. compliance for such processes as seam welding, plasma cutting
  • We use the highest standard of stainless steel to create sterile, hygienic products
  • Our designers and fabricators are some of the best in the industry, allowing us to create diverse and bespoke products for our customers
  • Our welders are ASME qualified, and able to perform tasks relating to complicated and bespoke processes, with the highest level of accuracy available
  • All our work is done on site by our own staff, and never outsourced to other technicians
  • Every task is done to specific guidelines, ensuring a quick turnaround, so you can meet your own work requirements, without delay
  • We report back to you in real time, keeping you up to date with progress
  • Competitive prices

Contact Us

If you require any stainless steel fabrication services, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today. We are happy to discuss any project, no matter how big or small. Email us at, or call on +61 8 9276 6000. Our headquarters can be found at 16 Arvida Street, Malaga, WA 6090.

Simply call, email, or drop into our offices, and one of our friendly, helpful staff will be able to advise you on your needs and give you a quote for the work you need carrying out.

DWS Fabricates 600NB Suction Strainers for ICHTHY's

Diverse Welding Services has recently completed its first works package for the Ichthys LNG Project.

Inpex describes the as, “Ichthys LNG Project  is effectively three mega projects in one — incorporating some of the world’s largest and most advanced offshore facilities off the Western Australian coast, massive onshore processing facilities near Darwin in the Northern Territory and an 890 kilometre subsea pipeline to unite them.   It is one of the few mega projects worldwide that incorporates the whole chain of development and production components: subsea, offshore, pipeline and onshore. Located about 220 kilometres off the northern coast of Western Australia, Ichthys represents the largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquids in Australia in nearly 50 years. The Project is expected to produce up to approximately 8.9 million tonnes of LNG and 1.6 million tonnes of LPG per annum, along with more than 100,000 barrels of condensate per day, at peak. The Project is a joint venture between INPEX (operator), major partner Total, CPC Corporation Taiwan and the Australian subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Kansai Electric Power, JERA and Toho Gas.”

Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd have completed (2) 600 NB Stainless Steel inline Secondary HMP Suction Strainer for the FPSO (Floating Production Storage & Offloading unit).  The units were fabricated by Diverse Welding Services for Winnellie Hydraulic Pty Ltd.  Together both companies meet the quality and time expectations of the client to reach a successful project outcome.  To complete this work DWS, utilised its custom fabricated single sided resistance spot welder to be able to fuse the 0.2mm thick 316 SS woven mesh with a filtration capacity of 300 microns onto the 65% open area 3mm 316 SS support sheet.  DWS completed all fabrication using qualified weld procedures and welders. 

To satisfy the clients stringent quality requirements DWS also have 100% PMI (Positive Material Identification) pre & post fabrication and 100% NDT (Non Destructive Testing) in the form of DPI (Dye Penetrant Inspection).  DWS used Perth local NDT subcontractor Inspec Pty Ltd to complete the NDT work scope in our new Oil & Gas Workshop Facility based in Malaga, Perth.

DWS thanks Winnellie Hydraulics for the opportunity to work with them on a great project for Inpex, and look forward to future work scope together.  


Diverse Welding Services Manufactures Conveyor System for Vesco Foods

Diverse Welding Services (DWS) has successfully designed, manufactured, and installed two custom product transfer conveyors for Vesco Foods Pty Ltd.  DWS would like to thank Vesco Foods Pty Ltd for the opportunity to work on this project and it is proud of its long established relationship with this high quality food manufacturing company based in Perth, Western Australia.   


Australian-owned Vesco Foods has supplied meal solutions to Australia, Asia, and the Middle East for over 40 years.  The project work scope included the design & supply of 600 millimetre (mm) wide variable speed straight conveyor, and (1) 500 millimetre (mm) wide offset (curved) conveyor.  The conveyors were designed to be mobile, interlocked together, and to match the existing plant layout when in position and interlocked together.


Critical design criteria aspects developed and implemented by Diverse Welding Services (DWS) on this project included;

# Adjustable height castors for sloped floors
# Conveyors supported on castors to allow for mobility & quick set up
# Quick Adjustment Guide Rails
# Removable Gantry / Overhead Style Carton Holders
# Sanitary / Hygienic  Construction allowing for easy wash down / clean ability
# Ergonomic  Design in relation to end user height & side access
# EHS Review in relation to pinch points, Emergency stop locations
# Electrical Control Panel for Drive Control

Diverse Welding Services (DWS) conveyors are a high quality manufactured product, which are developed to with stand the harsh working environment, and the requirement to maintain the expected reliability & functionality of the equipment for the equipment’s lifetime.  Diverse Welding Services (DWS) support our quality manufacturing methods by using well-known, long established speciality equipment suppliers for key conveyor components such as Habasit for belts & SEW for drive units.  Diverse Welding can custom manufacture to suit any clients layout, or process objectives.  In our 20th year of business we are proud to continue to develop innovative quality solutions for our valued clients.








Employment Opportunity - 1st Class Sheetmetal Worker/Welder

We are seeking a welder/fabricator with good welding skills in the fabrication of precision industrial equipment.

This position is ideal for someone who takes pride in the quality of their work and is seeking to develop their skills in a high-precision field, with the benefit of long term employment and earning prospects, in addition to a clean, high-tech working environment.

A strong work ethic is required; this position would suit someone with experience in stainless and carbon steel fabrication and/or welding.

 We offer:

  • Competitive rate based on competence and work history
  • Flexible working hours
  • Team based environment
  • Variety of work

 The following would be an advantage:

  • Trade Qualified 1st Class Boilermaker, Sheetmetal Worker
  • Certificate 7 for TIG Welding
  • Strong work history with references
  • 4 years minimum trade experience
  • Stainless steel experience
  • Available for immediate start

 Start your career with Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd.

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Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd - 20th Year Anniversary

Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd (DWS) is proud to announce its twentieth year of producing high quality diverse engineering and manufacturing solutions for the Australian and overseas marketplaces.  In an era when manufacturing companies swiftly come and go, Diverse Welding Services has achieved two decades of innovation and steady growth and continues to drive forward.  The company will commemorate the occasion with the redevelopment of its plant facilities to comprise  two dedicated manufacturing workshops - an Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas manufacturing facility and a Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage manufacturing facility.  Each facility will feature specialised equipment and an individualised layout to meet the diverse engineering & manufacturing requirements of our clients and industry.

DWS began operations in April 1997 when Karl Schmidt - the company’s founder and Managing Director - secured numerous contracts to fabricate and install stainless steel process piping and vessels for various companies in the Food & Beverage industry, including the renowned Peters & Brownes.  Through his team’s hard work and extensive industry experience, Karl developed a strong reputation within the West Australian Food & Beverage industry for providing end users with access to a local, high quality, flexible manufacturing and engineering solutions provider – a service which was previously predominantly sourced from the East Coast marketplace.  DWS’s commitment to the implementation of its core vision “diversity is our key, customer satisfaction our reward”, has ensured that the company’s flagship product - its people and their quality work - has provided the company the opportunity for continued growth and new opportunities in our greatest asset; positive client feedback and satisfaction.

The early success of Diverse Welding Services indicated a growing demand for technically refined, computer controlled welding to reduce failure risk for the Biotech and Oil & Gas subsea industries.  Seeing the opportunity, Diverse Welding Services purchased specialised orbital welding equipment and developed welding procedures to the highest quality requirements of both the Biotech industry (FDA and AMSE BPE) and the Mining, Oil & Gas industry (ASME IX SC, NORSOK and ISO).  DWS also introduced a quality management system that provides the end user with a complete package of weld execution and traceability documentation.  During this time the company established itself as a core vendor and manufacturer of small-bore subsea hydraulic tubing installations for many of the key industry stakeholders, including Technip, FMC, Cameron and Woodside.

Diverse Welding Services’ continual upgrading of its existing equipment reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, and robust solutions for its clients and industry client requirements.  Managing Director Karl Schmidt is quoted as saying: “Our success and longevity is due in part to the advanced capabilities of our team and the continuous improvement of our processes & equipment.”  As Diverse Welding Services’ customer base has continued to expand throughout its twenty-year history, the company has continually focused on quality execution of product and services whilst never forgetting its fundamental objective: customer satisfaction.

“We at Diverse Welding Services sincerely thank our many customers for the past 20 years of exceptional relationships, projects and opportunities, and look forward to the next 20 years to come.”  

Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd (DWS) Complete 5th Carbon Filter Vessel

Carbon Filtration Vessel


Diverse Welding Services has successfully completed its fifth Carbon Filtration Vessel.  Our latest vessel completed for Asahi Beverages Pty Ltd is part of its essential equipment required in the beverage industry for manufacturing large-scale soft drink production.  The vessel has a volume capacity of 13,000 litres (l), is 6 meters (m) high, has a barrel diameter of 2130 millimetres (mm), weigh’s  4500 kilograms (kg) when empty and 17,500 kilograms (kg) when in operation

Our activated carbon filter vessel allows for large volume raw water purification and removal of chlorine & other adverse water contaminants through the use of an activated carbon bed.  The carbon filter vessel design allows for back washing, regeneration, and or sanitising of the media bed by steam, hot CIP (Clean in Place) caustic.  This greatly extends the life of the activated carbon, dependent upon the load placed on the carbon & allows for economical water purification costs and return on investment for the process owner.

Our carbon filter vessel is designed and manufactured in accordance with the Australian Standards AS1210 and AS4458.  We have all the qualifications required to manufacture pressure vessels, and produce not just a quality product but also the quality assurance documentation package required for this type of pressure vessel manufacture. 

We have produced carbon filters fabricated from carbon steel & stainless steel.  Our filter vessels also offer specialised internal coating systems to ensure our vessels can handle the corrosive environment & duties required.  This ensures maximum lifespan of the plant equipment is achieved.

References: “The Soft Drinks Companion: A Technical Handbook for the Beverage Industry” By Maurice Shachman

Port Hedland Tug Boat Diesel & Bilge Water Hose Reel Cabinets

Petroleum, Aviation and Mining Supplies

From concept to completion...Diverse Welding Services (DWS) in cooperation with PAMS (Petroleum, Aviation & Mining Supplies) have provided a turnkey solution for the design, manufacture, fit out & supply of (3) three Diesel & Bilge Water Hose Reel Cabinets for Lendlease as part of its $96 million dollar Port Hedland Tug Harbour Redeployment & Upgrade.

Diverse Welding Services custom designed (3) three stainless steel cabinets based on the client specifications, including engineering of the frame to comply with cyclone, wind and wave load factors.  Each cabinet had to be custom designed and sized to fit into an existing barge layout. 

This required Diverse Welding Services to generate Solidworks 3D models & engineering drawings of each cabinet design to allow the client to review and approve prior to fabrication.

Waste Oil and Bilge Water Cabinet Drawing

The cabinets were 100% 316 stainless steel in construction, including custom designed hinges and bi-fold locking doors.  Internally the cabinets house 2” and 2.5” Macnaught Hose Reels, process pipework for supply and return of the process media, flow meters, and process valves for flow control.  The hose reels required modification and additional rollers so they could be custom mounted in the inverted position.  

Lendlease Logo

The hose reel modifications were completed in consultation with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).  As the cabinets are installed over a water environment our design included a bunded floor to contain any leaks and avoid environmental contamination.  Design included (4) engineered lifting points off the main structure to allow for easy end user installation.

The cabinets were fabricated to AS 1554.6 2II, and had 10% LPI (liquid penetrant inspection).  All pipework was fabricated to AS4041 Class 1 & was hydrostatically pressure tested and radiographically tested to ensure compliance to Australian standards.  



Diesel & Bilge Water Cabinet
Diesel & Bilge Water Cabinet
Diesel & Bilge Water Cabinet


Employment Opportunity - 1st Class Sheetmetal Worker/Welder

We are seeking a welder/fabricator with good welding skills in the fabrication of precision industrial equipment.

This position is ideal for someone who takes pride in the quality of their work and is seeking to develop their skills in a high-precision field, with the benefit of long term employment and earning prospects, in addition to a clean, high-tech working environment.

A strong work ethic is required; this position would suit someone with experience in stainless and carbon steel fabrication and/or welding.

 We offer:

  • Competitive rate based on competence and work history
  • Flexible working hours
  • Team based environment
  • Variety of work

 The following would be an advantage:

  • Trade Qualified 1st Class Boilermaker, Sheetmetal Worker
  • Certificate 7 for TIG Welding
  • Strong work history with references
  • 4 years minimum trade experience
  • Stainless steel experience
  • Available for immediate start

 Start your career with Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd.

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Diverse Welding Services complete Subsea Structural Fabrication for Oceaneering

Subsea Structural Fabrication


DWS has been contracted by Oceaneering Australia to complete the fabrication of (1) subsea mud mat structure & deck table.  The mud mat & deck table are part of a specialised subsea umbilical work scope being undertaken by Oceaneering Australia for a key oil & gas client in Western Australia’s Northern Water Oil & Gas Fields.  Oceaneering Australia completed its engineering work scope within its new oilfield services facility in Jandakot, Western Australia, a purpose-designed 40,000 square meter site, which was developed to provide highly specialized support services to Australia's oil and gas industry. 

DWS completed the structural fabrication of the Oceaneering engineered & designed equipment to AS1554.1.  Our work scope also included a comprehensive Quality Assurance package including material qualification & traceability, weld procedure & personnel qualification, and NDT (Non Destructive Testing) including UT (Ultrasonic Testing), MPI (Magnetic Particle Testing) & Visual examination of the weldments.

The largest structure, the mud mat, was approx. 10 meters (m) in length by 2.4 meters (m) wide, with a mass of 2.6 tonne (t).

This project was completed in DWS’s new Mining, Oil & Gas Facility located at 14 Arvida Street Malaga.  DWS supplied the fabricated structures to Oceaneering ready for painting and load testing prior to deployment.

Diverse Welding Services thanks Oceaneering for the opportunity to complete this work scope & looks forward to future projects.



Subsea Structural Fabrication

Subsea Structural Fabrication

Diverse Welding Services complete Stage 2 of Project Bob


Perrigo Australia


Diverse Welding Services (DWS) has finished the second and final stage of the Project Bob Upgrade for Perrigo Pharmaceuticals.  This project commenced in March 2015, and ran in parallel with the building works within the production facility.  The project included major plant & equipment installation, process piping from external storage tanks of IPA & Ethanol to a TGA / FDA Approved Clean Room Manufacturing Facility; inter tank process lines in the mix room, through to two product transfer lines to the depositing lines. 


The upgrade has allowed the client to increase its batch sizes of production runs, through increased automation and storage capacity.  600 Autogenous welds later; we have been able to deliver our client a traceable, drainable process piping system in line with the ASME BPE design requirements, including passivation using Citrisurf 3050 and pressure testing of all lines.  Quality fabrication is only as good as the quality assurance requirements within the pharmaceutical industry & supported by Diverse Welding Services (DWS) validation package, we have given the client all the traceability it requires meet its auditory requirements as a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.


Highlights of the installation included, fully enclosed pipework within the mix room & transfer line, allowing for reduced cleaning times & better cleanliness.  DWS completed the installation with one (1) critical plant shut down over 2 weeks.  Diverse Welding Services completed a comprehensive site survey & was able to prefabricate a large majority of the fabrication prior to the shutdown window.


Mix Room During Construction


Diverse Welding Services would like to thank Perrigo for the opportunity to complete this work, and looks forward to watching Perrigo move forward & grow based on its new plant and processes.    

Employment Opportunity - 1st Class Sheetmetal Worker/Welder

We are seeking a welder/fabricator with good welding skills in the fabrication of precision industrial equipment.

This position is ideal for someone who takes pride in the quality of their work and is seeking to develop their skills in a high-precision field, with the benefit of long term employment and earning prospects, in addition to a clean, high-tech working environment.

A strong work ethic is required; this position would suit someone with experience in stainless and carbon steel fabrication and/or welding.

 We offer:

  • Competitive rate based on competence and work history
  • Flexible working hours
  • Team based environment
  • Variety of work

 The following would be an advantage:

  • Trade Qualified 1st Class Boilermaker, Sheetmetal Worker
  • Certificate 7 for TIG Welding
  • Strong work history with references
  • 4 years minimum trade experience
  • Stainless steel experience
  • Available for immediate start

 Start your career with Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd.

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Technip Wheatstone Light Weight Blind Flange Package

Diverse Welding Services (DWS) has successfully tendered, and completed a substantial works package for Technip as part of its Wheatstone project for Chevron.  DWS was tasked with the responsibility of fabricating 64 Lightweight Blinds Flanges suitable for large bore pipe spool flooding and deployment. 

The size ranges of the lightweight blinds included 14”, 18”, 24” & 44” flanges. The light weight blind (LWB) flanges design included allowances for ROV (remote operated vehicle) grab handles, round bar protection cage, 2” stainless diffuser spools, Swagelok NRV (non return valves) to allow for flooding of the main pipe spools during deployment, and load tested lifting lugs.  All fabrication was qualified and completed to AS1554.1 SP, and required tight quality controls to ensure the final product achieved the client’s specific ITP (Inspection Test Plan) requirements.  This was highlighted by Diverse Welding Services nominating grain direction requirements on all plate material supplied to ensure any lifting loads experienced were in line with the correct grain orientation.  NDT (non-destructive testing) comprised 100% MPI (magnetic particle inspection), and load testing certification of all lifting points.  All work was completed to the Chevron Wheatstone Supplier quality system requirements including the supply of a SDL (Supplier Data List) & PDB (Product Data Book).  To ensure that the installation method was efficient for the end user, Diverse Welding Services supplied all B7 studs, washers and nuts required to complete installation, including custom centering studs up to 3” BSP (British Standard Pitch) by 1 meter overall length.  The fasteners were supplied on pallets broken down by flange size to ensure ease of installation.  It comprised over 3000 units.  Total tonnage of the fabricated work scope was over 10,000 kilograms.

This project was fabricated on a critical path timeframe to ensure all items were ready for installation as large bore spools were ready for load out at AMC Henderson (Australian Marine Complex). 

Light Weight Blinds

Technip Subsea Contract for Shell’s Prelude FLNG Development

North Sea Atlantic Side View While At Berth
North Sea Atlantic Heli Deck Image








Technip has been awarded a large subsea installation contract by Shell Development (Australia) Pty Ltd for the Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) facility moored some 200 kilometres off the north west coast of Australia, in the Browse Basin, at a water depth of approximately 240 meters.

DWS has been contracted to prefabricate, factory acceptance test (FAT) & install (1) 2” Stainless Steel Pipe A1 Jet Fuel Supply Line on the North Sea Atlantic floating asset from the bunded fuel storage area on board the ship to the helipad.  The work scope includes a deluge fire suppression extension to cover the newly installed fuel storage tank & bund.  The successful completion will enable helicopter transportation services from the mainland, as the floating worksite is beyond the standard fuel capacity of the air fleet for a supply and return trip.

This work was completed by DWS in Perth, prior to being shipped to Karratha for installation onto the North Sea Atlantic during its small time critical resupply & deployment berthing at Karratha King Bay Supply Base.  DWS supplied all material, as well as management & QA documentation required to complete works of this critical nature.  All piping was 100% radiographically tested & flushed and cleaned to NAS Class 6.

Find out more about the Shell Prelude FLNG Development below:


Orbital Welding and Subsea Applications

Orbital welding is a computer based welding process which is typically used to generate high quality, repeatable welds.  Welding specifications are completely programmed into the machine before welding begins, and once it does, there is minimal interference required by the operator, reducing the risk of human error.

As orbital welding is a computer controlled process, welds generated via an orbital welding procedure are both repeatable and consistent.  This is due to the operator’s ability to program specific parameters into the machine, including an alarm or ‘cease welding procedure’ should these parameters not be met.  Welding programs can be set in such a way that very strict tolerances are automatically monitored and adhered to, which allows the operator to meet essential welding variables with ease.  This process is particularly effective when working with thin wall and small diameter tubing, from which subsea hydraulic lines are predominantly fabricated.

There are two different types of orbital welding machines: autogenous, which does not use filler wire, and non-autogenous, which does.  When using an autogenous machine the operator gains the ability to better control the internal weld bead profile as there is no wire being used.  This eliminates the risk of internal bore reduction as required in hydraulic & control line tubing systems.  The risk of external weld contamination is also reduced due to the closed head welding environment.  For this reason, the majority of orbital welding performed by Diverse Welding Services is done so using an autogenous welding process.

Diverse Welding Services have both types of machines available, with qualified personnel & procedures for use of both systems on super duplex, duplex, inconel 625 and 316 stainless steel.  These materials are widely used for subsea applications as they combine high corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength with excellent resistance to seawater and marine environments.  For these reasons they are particularly well-suited for applications exposed to high stress in aggressive chloride-rich environments.

When fabricating or repairing subsea piping systems, orbital welding is preferred over manual welding as the welds produced are of an extremely high quality and have an exceptionally low failure rate when tested via 100% radiographic testing regimes.  Corrosion resistance rates are also maximised in the ‘as welded’ condition, proven by DWS, when samples tested under the G48 Method A – Pitting Resistance Test resulted in weight loss to be less than 0.36g/m2 for stainless steel. 

Orbital welding has many advantages.  The machine controls heat input, and so material quality and integrity is easily maintained.  The machine also features a recording data log which enables the user to track weld processes and guarantee consistency.  Due to the enclosed structure of the weld head, gas is kept inside the head and as such is effective when welding in confined spaces and challenging environmental conditions.  This feature decreases the amount of gas required and is therefore more economical than standard manual welding.  Inspection procedures are also simplified as the orbital welding machine prints a docket listing the parameters which have been adhered to whilst welding has taken place, meaning the operator does not have to be supervised to ensure the welding performed meets the welding procedures and standards required.  Welds are also generated in a faster weld time when compared to manual tig welding.

As the development of new energy reserves increases, so does the need for subsea infrastructure.  The ability to supply high quality, internationally competitive subsea fabrication is crucial to the ongoing growth & success of the Australian oil and gas industry.  There are currently a large number of unprecedented technical challenges involved with subsea oil and gas development and orbital welding is playing an increasingly vital role.

Oil & Gas Australia Publishes Article on Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd

Diverse Welding Services is proud of its involvement in the Wheatstone project, and was happy to provide Oil & Gas Australia journalists details on our work history for their October 2015 publication.

Follow our link to read the article.

Oil & Gas Australia

Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation & Bending Training

Our General Manager John Lipscombe & Operations Manager Terry Mallinder, as well as four of our valued fabricators have successfully completed the Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation & Bending course.  Throughout the course they learnt how to select the correct fittings, install fittings to the manufacturer's installation specifications, and general good installation practices.

As we use Swagelok fittings in a variety of applications, it is crucial that our staff are correctly trained in their specifications to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest possible standard.  As customer satisfaction is what we strive for, it is imperative to us that we continue to upskill our staff and as a result will be enrolling remaining staff into this course over the coming months.

DWS Manufactures MQC Deployment Frame for Technip

DWS has recently completed an MQC Outboard Test Plate & two Female Test Plates for Technip Oceania.  This included the manufacture of an MQC Protection Panel, Half Shell Bracket & a Deployment Frame.  These have been manufactured as part of the Chevron/Technip Wheatstone Project and will be temporarily installed underwater to be used for testing purposes.  Once testing has been completed, they will be removed and the SSIV's (which our our MQC Plates have been installed onto) will be permanently installed into place.  Please see our Projects page for more photos!


Technip MQC Test Plate/Deployment Frame

DWS is Expanding!!

We at DWS are proud to announce that we have taken over the block next door at 14 Arvida Street and now have two workshops!  We are currently making a few alterations to the new workshop and adjoining it to our original building so that there is internal access between the two.  We also have plans to install a new 12.5 tonne overhead gantry crane at no.14, which will further expand our on site capabilities.

DWS Ongoing Plant Upgrades at Perrigo Laboratories

DWS is in the process of assisting Perrigo Laboratories with a pharmaceutical plant upgrade which will allow for increased alcohol mixing and storage facilities.  This project includes:

  • Supply & installation of pipework & process piping
  • Supply & installation of drain & transfer lines
  • Supply & installation of a CIP cleaning skid and associated pipework
  • Supply & installation of access platforms
  • Modifications to existing systems
  • UV steriliser relocation (2)
  • Pipe supports and gantry's
  • Pressure testing, passivation and documentation

We are proud to be working with such a reputable company and honoured that they have chosen to trust us to perform this work.


Chemical Manufacturing Equipment Upgrades at Bayer CropScience

For the past 6 months, DWS has been undertaking a variety of works at Bayer CropScience in Kwinana to allow them to mix a greater volume (and new varieties) of chemicals.  These works include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation of new mixing vessel
  • Installation of new dust & fume extraction system throughout the entire facility
  • Refurbishment of all existing vessels

DWS Time Lapse

October 2014 to Febuary 2015 was an extremely busy period of time for Diverse Welding Services.  During this time we completed many projects, including the Technip MQC Plates & Small Bore Instrument Tubing Package for the Wheatstone Project, which we captured in a time lapse video.  At the completion of FAT's the MQC plates were packaged & shipped to Batum, Indonesia in preparation for permanent installation to their subsea manifolds.  Thankyou to Technip & Chevron for allowing DWS the opportunity to complete this manufacturing package within Australia.  We hope you enjoy the video!!

Website launch!!

We are proud to announce that our website has gone live!  We look forward to being able to keep our vast client and supplier network up-to-date with our projects and general news. 

DWS Completes Work on the Chevron / Technip Wheatstone Project

DWS have completed work on the small bore super duplex control & stainless steel acid injection pipework for the MQC plates located on each of the 4 subsea manifold installations.  This project was a great success, not just in terms of fabrication, but documentation as well.  Here is a photo of the completed plates, time lapse camera footage to come!

DWS Manufactures Food Grade Topping System for Danish Patisserie

Diverse Welding Services has proudly manufactured a stainless steel food grade topping system for our valued client Danish Patisserie.  The purpose of this unit is to allow the client to evenly and efficiently deposit various toppings onto their products.  In order to meet our client's needs, we have manufactured a custom designed stainless steel mounting frame which houses a 240 volt electric vibratory feeder and hopper.  The entire unit bolts onto their pre-existing conveyors, and is fully equipped with swivel-braked wheels so that it is not only portable, but very secure when positioned.

Newly Accredited International Welding Supervisor!

We are proud to announce that our Operations Manager Terry Mallinder has successfully completed his International Welding Specialist course with the International Institute of Welding!  A big congratulations to Terry from the team at DWS.  Well done!

DWS builds packing conveyor systems

DWS has successfully designed, fabricated, and installed 5 packing conveyor systems for the new Mt Barker chicken factory installation in Rockingham.  DWS custom built the system to suit the client’s workflow requirements & delivery timeframe.  The conveyors & static roller packing stations were built from stainless steel and the design was suitable for the food industry's stringent hygienic cleaning requirements.

DWS New Contract - Schweppes Australia

DWS has been awarded a contract to fabricate a 13,000 litre carbon filtration vessel for potable water to AS 1210 for Schweppes Australia.  DWS has previously fabricated this type of vessel & has introduced a specialty corrosion surface coating on the interior to prevent corrosion in a harsh application environment.

DWS are now FMC Approved Vendors!


DWS are proud to announce that after review of results from FMC Technologies audits and supporting technical approval of our facility, FMC's Global Supplier Review Board has approved DWS for the performance of Orbital Welding on FMC Technologies materials and products.  DWS looks forward to working with FMC Technologies on Subsea Small Bore Tube Hydraulic Control Lines in the future.

FMC Logo


Work Commenced on the Chevron / Technip Wheatstone Project

DWS has commenced worked on the Chevron / Technip Wheatstone Project which consists of an offshore development to produce and transfer hydrocarbons to a Greenfield onshore LNG Plant located at Ashburton North, South of Onslow in Western Australia.

The overall project offshore development includes installation, commissioning, and operation of offshore facilities identified as the Wheatstone Platform (WP), Trunk line, and Gas Gathering Systems. The onshore development consists of a two train LNG facility connected to the offshore trunk line by a nominal 1.5km onshore pipeline. The Area of Operations where the Facilities shall be installed is from the Wheatstone Platform, approximately 120 nautical miles north of Onslow, to the manifold centers and has water depths of 73 to 240 meters.

DWS is completing the fabrication of the small bore super duplex control & stainless steel acid injection pipework for the MQC plates located on each of the (4) subsea manifold installations. This work will be completed using our orbital welding systems and upon completion be shipped offshore for installation as part of the large project scope.

Balnaves Manifold

Coniston Project - Small Bore Tubing on DC3, DC4 & GPM Subsea Manifolds

DWS Manufacture Stainless Steel Mast & Lower Mounting Spigot for Ascalon Sculpture

DWS were delighted to manufacture a 316 stainless steel mast & lower mounting spigot for the Ascalon sculpture which is currently situated outside of the St. Georges Terrace Cathedral.

This was manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS1554 Part 6, and all structural purpose welds were both visually inspected and DPI tested.  The mast and all attached parts were highly polished and all welds were coved or sanded smooth and then polished to blend in with the pipe.

For your viewing pleasure, the video links below show the Ascalon sculpture being erected.


Australian Stainless Cover - Ascalon