DWS Completes Work on the Chevron / Technip Wheatstone Project

DWS have completed work on the small bore super duplex control & stainless steel acid injection pipework for the MQC plates located on each of the 4 subsea manifold installations.  This project was a great success, not just in terms of fabrication, but documentation as well.  Here is a photo of the completed plates, time lapse camera footage to come!

DWS Manufactures Food Grade Topping System for Danish Patisserie

Diverse Welding Services has proudly manufactured a stainless steel food grade topping system for our valued client Danish Patisserie.  The purpose of this unit is to allow the client to evenly and efficiently deposit various toppings onto their products.  In order to meet our client's needs, we have manufactured a custom designed stainless steel mounting frame which houses a 240 volt electric vibratory feeder and hopper.  The entire unit bolts onto their pre-existing conveyors, and is fully equipped with swivel-braked wheels so that it is not only portable, but very secure when positioned.

Newly Accredited International Welding Supervisor!

We are proud to announce that our Operations Manager Terry Mallinder has successfully completed his International Welding Specialist course with the International Institute of Welding!  A big congratulations to Terry from the team at DWS.  Well done!

DWS builds packing conveyor systems

DWS has successfully designed, fabricated, and installed 5 packing conveyor systems for the new Mt Barker chicken factory installation in Rockingham.  DWS custom built the system to suit the client’s workflow requirements & delivery timeframe.  The conveyors & static roller packing stations were built from stainless steel and the design was suitable for the food industry's stringent hygienic cleaning requirements.

DWS New Contract - Schweppes Australia

DWS has been awarded a contract to fabricate a 13,000 litre carbon filtration vessel for potable water to AS 1210 for Schweppes Australia.  DWS has previously fabricated this type of vessel & has introduced a specialty corrosion surface coating on the interior to prevent corrosion in a harsh application environment.

DWS are now FMC Approved Vendors!


DWS are proud to announce that after review of results from FMC Technologies audits and supporting technical approval of our facility, FMC's Global Supplier Review Board has approved DWS for the performance of Orbital Welding on FMC Technologies materials and products.  DWS looks forward to working with FMC Technologies on Subsea Small Bore Tube Hydraulic Control Lines in the future.[[{"fid":"814","view_mode":"default","attributes":{"alt":"FMC Logo","title":"FMC Technologies","height":"50","width":"146","style":"margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; display: block;","class":"media-element file-default"},"fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"FMC Logo","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"FMC Technologies"},"type":"media"}]]


Work Commenced on the Chevron / Technip Wheatstone Project

DWS has commenced worked on the Chevron / Technip Wheatstone Project which consists of an offshore development to produce and transfer hydrocarbons to a Greenfield onshore LNG Plant located at Ashburton North, South of Onslow in Western Australia.

The overall project offshore development includes installation, commissioning, and operation of offshore facilities identified as the Wheatstone Platform (WP), Trunk line, and Gas Gathering Systems. The onshore development consists of a two train LNG facility connected to the offshore trunk line by a nominal 1.5km onshore pipeline. The Area of Operations where the Facilities shall be installed is from the Wheatstone Platform, approximately 120 nautical miles north of Onslow, to the manifold centers and has water depths of 73 to 240 meters.

DWS is completing the fabrication of the small bore super duplex control & stainless steel acid injection pipework for the MQC plates located on each of the (4) subsea manifold installations. This work will be completed using our orbital welding systems and upon completion be shipped offshore for installation as part of the large project scope.

Balnaves Manifold