Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd - 20th Year Anniversary

Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd (DWS) is proud to announce its twentieth year of producing high quality diverse engineering and manufacturing solutions for the Australian and overseas marketplaces.  In an era when manufacturing companies swiftly come and go, Diverse Welding Services has achieved two decades of innovation and steady growth and continues to drive forward.  The company will commemorate the occasion with the redevelopment of its plant facilities to comprise  two dedicated manufacturing workshops - an Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas manufacturing facility and a Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage manufacturing facility.  Each facility will feature specialised equipment and an individualised layout to meet the diverse engineering & manufacturing requirements of our clients and industry.

DWS began operations in April 1997 when Karl Schmidt - the company’s founder and Managing Director - secured numerous contracts to fabricate and install stainless steel process piping and vessels for various companies in the Food & Beverage industry, including the renowned Peters & Brownes.  Through his team’s hard work and extensive industry experience, Karl developed a strong reputation within the West Australian Food & Beverage industry for providing end users with access to a local, high quality, flexible manufacturing and engineering solutions provider – a service which was previously predominantly sourced from the East Coast marketplace.  DWS’s commitment to the implementation of its core vision “diversity is our key, customer satisfaction our reward”, has ensured that the company’s flagship product - its people and their quality work - has provided the company the opportunity for continued growth and new opportunities in our greatest asset; positive client feedback and satisfaction.

The early success of Diverse Welding Services indicated a growing demand for technically refined, computer controlled welding to reduce failure risk for the Biotech and Oil & Gas subsea industries.  Seeing the opportunity, Diverse Welding Services purchased specialised orbital welding equipment and developed welding procedures to the highest quality requirements of both the Biotech industry (FDA and AMSE BPE) and the Mining, Oil & Gas industry (ASME IX SC, NORSOK and ISO).  DWS also introduced a quality management system that provides the end user with a complete package of weld execution and traceability documentation.  During this time the company established itself as a core vendor and manufacturer of small-bore subsea hydraulic tubing installations for many of the key industry stakeholders, including Technip, FMC, Cameron and Woodside.

Diverse Welding Services’ continual upgrading of its existing equipment reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, and robust solutions for its clients and industry client requirements.  Managing Director Karl Schmidt is quoted as saying: “Our success and longevity is due in part to the advanced capabilities of our team and the continuous improvement of our processes & equipment.”  As Diverse Welding Services’ customer base has continued to expand throughout its twenty-year history, the company has continually focused on quality execution of product and services whilst never forgetting its fundamental objective: customer satisfaction.

“We at Diverse Welding Services sincerely thank our many customers for the past 20 years of exceptional relationships, projects and opportunities, and look forward to the next 20 years to come.”