Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd (DWS) Complete 5th Carbon Filter Vessel

Carbon Filtration Vessel


Diverse Welding Services has successfully completed its fifth Carbon Filtration Vessel.  Our latest vessel completed for Asahi Beverages Pty Ltd is part of its essential equipment required in the beverage industry for manufacturing large-scale soft drink production.  The vessel has a volume capacity of 13,000 litres (l), is 6 meters (m) high, has a barrel diameter of 2130 millimetres (mm), weigh’s  4500 kilograms (kg) when empty and 17,500 kilograms (kg) when in operation

Our activated carbon filter vessel allows for large volume raw water purification and removal of chlorine & other adverse water contaminants through the use of an activated carbon bed.  The carbon filter vessel design allows for back washing, regeneration, and or sanitising of the media bed by steam, hot CIP (Clean in Place) caustic.  This greatly extends the life of the activated carbon, dependent upon the load placed on the carbon & allows for economical water purification costs and return on investment for the process owner.

Our carbon filter vessel is designed and manufactured in accordance with the Australian Standards AS1210 and AS4458.  We have all the qualifications required to manufacture pressure vessels, and produce not just a quality product but also the quality assurance documentation package required for this type of pressure vessel manufacture. 

We have produced carbon filters fabricated from carbon steel & stainless steel.  Our filter vessels also offer specialised internal coating systems to ensure our vessels can handle the corrosive environment & duties required.  This ensures maximum lifespan of the plant equipment is achieved.

References: “The Soft Drinks Companion: A Technical Handbook for the Beverage Industry” By Maurice Shachman