Port Hedland Tug Boat Diesel & Bilge Water Hose Reel Cabinets

Petroleum, Aviation and Mining Supplies

From concept to completion...Diverse Welding Services (DWS) in cooperation with PAMS (Petroleum, Aviation & Mining Supplies) have provided a turnkey solution for the design, manufacture, fit out & supply of (3) three Diesel & Bilge Water Hose Reel Cabinets for Lendlease as part of its $96 million dollar Port Hedland Tug Harbour Redeployment & Upgrade.

Diverse Welding Services custom designed (3) three stainless steel cabinets based on the client specifications, including engineering of the frame to comply with cyclone, wind and wave load factors.  Each cabinet had to be custom designed and sized to fit into an existing barge layout. 

This required Diverse Welding Services to generate Solidworks 3D models & engineering drawings of each cabinet design to allow the client to review and approve prior to fabrication.

Waste Oil and Bilge Water Cabinet Drawing

The cabinets were 100% 316 stainless steel in construction, including custom designed hinges and bi-fold locking doors.  Internally the cabinets house 2” and 2.5” Macnaught Hose Reels, process pipework for supply and return of the process media, flow meters, and process valves for flow control.  The hose reels required modification and additional rollers so they could be custom mounted in the inverted position.  

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The hose reel modifications were completed in consultation with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).  As the cabinets are installed over a water environment our design included a bunded floor to contain any leaks and avoid environmental contamination.  Design included (4) engineered lifting points off the main structure to allow for easy end user installation.

The cabinets were fabricated to AS 1554.6 2II, and had 10% LPI (liquid penetrant inspection).  All pipework was fabricated to AS4041 Class 1 & was hydrostatically pressure tested and radiographically tested to ensure compliance to Australian standards.  


                                                                                             Diesel & Bilge Water Cabinet Diesel & Bilge Water Cabinet Diesel & Bilge Water Cabinet