Technip Wheatstone Light Weight Blind Flange Package

Diverse Welding Services (DWS) has successfully tendered, and completed a substantial works package for Technip as part of its Wheatstone project for Chevron.  DWS was tasked with the responsibility of fabricating 64 Lightweight Blinds Flanges suitable for large bore pipe spool flooding and deployment. 

The size ranges of the lightweight blinds included 14”, 18”, 24” & 44” flanges. The light weight blind (LWB) flanges design included allowances for ROV (remote operated vehicle) grab handles, round bar protection cage, 2” stainless diffuser spools, Swagelok NRV (non return valves) to allow for flooding of the main pipe spools during deployment, and load tested lifting lugs.  All fabrication was qualified and completed to AS1554.1 SP, and required tight quality controls to ensure the final product achieved the client’s specific ITP (Inspection Test Plan) requirements.  This was highlighted by Diverse Welding Services nominating grain direction requirements on all plate material supplied to ensure any lifting loads experienced were in line with the correct grain orientation.  NDT (non-destructive testing) comprised 100% MPI (magnetic particle inspection), and load testing certification of all lifting points.  All work was completed to the Chevron Wheatstone Supplier quality system requirements including the supply of a SDL (Supplier Data List) & PDB (Product Data Book).  To ensure that the installation method was efficient for the end user, Diverse Welding Services supplied all B7 studs, washers and nuts required to complete installation, including custom centering studs up to 3” BSP (British Standard Pitch) by 1 meter overall length.  The fasteners were supplied on pallets broken down by flange size to ensure ease of installation.  It comprised over 3000 units.  Total tonnage of the fabricated work scope was over 10,000 kilograms.

This project was fabricated on a critical path timeframe to ensure all items were ready for installation as large bore spools were ready for load out at AMC Henderson (Australian Marine Complex). 

Light Weight Blinds