Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd is committed to the provision of high quality products and services, and to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.

We aim to be known by our customers as providing the best and most consistent quality product of its type in the industry.  To achieve this, we are committed to compliance with, and continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

Diverse Welding Services monitors the effectiveness of its processes with an attitude of always searching for ways to improve.  The needs and satisfaction of our customers are considered critical success factors for the company and are continually monitored and assessed.

We continue to develop our operational capabilities to ensure they address the needs of the markets we are serving.  To maintain these objectives requires continual improvement in the functions carried out within the company and a sustained commitment by all personnel, together with the development of strong supplier and subcontractor relationships to ensure external support functions contribute to our objectives.

Quality Assurance is fundamental to all work undertaken by the company and is practised by all personnel as part of their daily activities.  Our Quality Management System is based on the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 and adherence to the system is required of all company personnel.

Diverse Welding Services Pty Ltd provides a work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors that does and will not place the environment or other stakeholders (including the local community) at any risk of harm, injury or illness.

All employees of Diverse Welding Services demonstrate a duty of care to ensure that our work is carried out in a manner which recognises our obligation towards the safety and health of others and ourselves, as well as the environment.

DWS has a culture that supports its safety policy and provides facilities, systems, and resources for maintaining safe work areas, as well as implementing safe work procedures to ensure that all employees are instructed in how to perform their jobs safely.

DWS offers training and job development to all employees with the aim to maintain a stable, well-motivated workforce with a high level of teamwork and customer awareness.  Our focus on the provision of fabrication services to the highest standard requires an active commitment to the provision of training.  DWS completes this by assessing individual training requirements, with on the job training and external training as required.

Our employees are our most important resource, and our training needs have a high priority within the constraints of the efficient day-to-day running of the business.  DWS is actively involved in assisting employees with the completion of nationally recognised training courses to not only achieve trade qualifications, but to fulfil post trade learning and development.

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